Long-term sitting is detrimental and unhealthy
Prolonged sitting
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Science has shown that prolonged uninterrupted sitting has adverse consequences for health. A wide variety of chronic diseases lurk as we spend our days sitting down. Exercising or moving in free time cannot compensate for excessive sitting during the (working) day.

Less sitting (still) is good for everyone, and will contribute to promoting vitality and sustainable employability. Both employees and employers benefit from the consequences of sitting less: we know that people who regularly work standing and/or exercise have a higher energy level. They can concentrate better, are less absent and therefore perform better.

Creating awareness
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In order to realize changes, it is important to first provide insight into the actual sitting behavior. After all: only when it is clear how much one is sitting, an improvement plan can be made. Awareness is important for successful behavioral change and is therefore the basis of the intervention program.


Record behaviour

Based on the data from VitaBit sedentary tracker and the VitaBit app, the behaviour of the participating employees is mapped for a certain period of time.

Accompanying workshops

The data that emerges from these measurements can be processed in a workshop. This enhances the effect of the program.

Coaching through the platform

The coach receives insight into the sedentary behaviour of employees through the online VitaBit e-health platform. In this way, the coach is able coach targeted by using direct communication.

VitaBit Tracker and VitaBit Online Coaching Environment
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VitaBit Trackers are sold directly to end users. In this way they can gain insight into their sedentary behavior. With the use of the online coaching environment, the effect of VitaBit is optimized.

You can leave this coaching to, for example, (company) physiotherapists, prevention staff, exercise therapists, etc. in your network. We provide you with the VitaBit Trackers and licenses, you sell the products to the end users and the coach earns money by coaching. This way we create a win-win situation for both you and the coach in your network. We can support you in this by providing explanation about the use and the effect of VitaBit and we can provide coaches with the needed training on VitaBit coaching.

Results intervention program
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The intervention program aims to make the user aware of his or her sitting behaviour in order to make a behavioural change possible. The goal of the intervention programme has been achieved if the VitaBit user sits less (for prolonged periods) and makes more position changes (sitting – standing) throughout the day. This will lead to an increased energy level, better concentration and better physical and mental health. And thus less absenteeism and more productivity.