Mükava MK-75

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Mükava MK-75

The MK-75 ensures that tablet and smartphone use are no longer associated with a non-ergonomic attitude. Mükava makes it possible to use your devices hands-free, because you can attach them to the Mükava. As a result, it is no longer necessary to bend your neck completely to look at the screen, which reduces the risk of CANS complaints (complaints to the arms, neck and shoulders). Moreover, the hansfree use results in less muscle tension in the hand, arm and shoulder.

You can attach Mükava MK-75 to your tabletop with a clamp. That can be your desktop, but also, for example, the dining room table or countertop. The product has three moving points, so that it can be put in any position. This is possible with the help of one button. This way you can work ergonomically. In addition to tablets and smartphones, you can also attach books, magazines and notepads to your Mükava.

You will receive a reading lamp and a magnet as standard with your Mükava MK-75. The product has a magnetic top, power connection and two USB ports, so you can charge your device through Mükava.

We also have a larger Mükava model with chassis, which you can place on the floor: Mükava MK-150!

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Country of manufacture Italy