Arbo norms and laptop usage
Laptop Stands
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The Arbo norms state that laptop use must be limited to a maximum of two hours per day, unless the following requirements are met:

  • A laptop holder is used, so the laptop screen can be placed freely and is height-adjustable
  • A separate keyboard is used
  • A separate computer mouse is used
  • If one has to use loose documents (input work), a document holder is used

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Ergonomic Benefits of a laptop stand
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A laptop stand ensures that the screen of the laptop can be placed higher - at eye level - and can function as a monitor. In this way it is prevented that people are sitting bent over the laptop, working with a round posture. Such a round posture is not ergonomically sound and gives a great risk of complaints. After all: the head is brought in front of the trunk, which causes leverage at the height of the neck. The head weighs an average of 8 kg. The neck muscles have to work extra hard to keep the head on the trunk, which eventually leads to overload.

Different variants of laptop stands
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We have two variants of laptop stands: the ErgoProof Basic Laptop Stand and the ErgoProof Turn-o-Flex Laptop Stand.

ErgoProof Basic

The ErgoProof Basic variant is a lightweight, small, compact laptop stand. This laptop stand can be folded completely and is ultra-light. This makes it easy to take with you if you want to work at home or with the customer.

ErgoProof Turn-o-Flex

The Turn-o-Flex laptop stand is characterized by the possibility that it can rotate 360 °. For example, it is easy to quickly show something to a colleague on the laptop. Although this laptop stand is slightly larger than the ErgoProof Basic, it is also foldable and ultra-light.

Mükava MK-75

You can attach Mükava MK-75 to any table top with a clamp. This can be your desktop, but also the dining room table of kitchen counter. You can rotate this product in all directions, so you can work very flexibly with your laptop.

Mükava MK-150

Mükava MK-150 is the larger model Mükava, with a base with leg. This product is equipped with a top, a frame and a frame with three hinge points. Just like the Mükava MK-75, this product is very flexible, making it very suitable for laptop work.