IntelliDesk Screens

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✓ Operate content remotely

✓ Standard 2 year warranty

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IntelliDesk Screens are the finishing touch to the IntelliDesk intelligence in your organization. These screens communicate via the cloud server with the movement sensors in the rooms, so that the screens can indicate whether a room is occupied or not. In this way you have a physical view of which rooms are being used in addition to the online overview via the IntelliDesk Floor Plan. It is possible to operate the screens remotely and to determine and adjust what the screens display. For example, the screens can indicate during the day whether or not the room in question is occupied and display the company logo or other image outside working hours. The screens are provided with a thicker layer of glass (compared to other tablets), making them resistant to rough handling. With IntelliDesk Screens you are ready for the future!

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