IntelliDesk Modules
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All functionalities that IntelliDesk has to offer are subdivided into three modules: IntelliDesk Facts, IntelliDesk Booking and IntelliDesk Personal. Below you will find more information about the three different modules.

Measuring is knowing
IntelliDesk Facts
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Measure occupancy rate

IntelliDesk Facts makes it possible to get an overview of the occupancy rate. This is possible in a specific office, at a specific location, but also throughout the entire organization.

By making an overview of the actual occupancy rates, you can make better, substantiated choices. These facts will show, for example, which offices are being used more or less, at what times it is especially crowded or quiet, etc. This kind of information can help you make important decisions. You may need less space than expected or less surface of office space needs to be rented. Perhaps you find out that certain spaces are hardly used on specific days, so you can save on costs for light and heating.

When purchasing new furniture, it is also relevant to know which (type of) workplaces are used and whether there is currently a surplus or shortage.

Smart sensors

IntelliDesk Facts uses two types of smart sensors: heat sensors and presence sensors.

Heat sensors measure whether or not a workplace is in use. Presence sensors measure whether someone is present in the room. By combining these two types of sensors and having these sensors perform measurements for a specific duration, statements can be made about capacity utilization.

You can call us to install the sensors and set up a report on the results of the occupancy rate measurement. That is one of the services that we provide.

Searching is a thing of the past
IntelliDesk Booking
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Book workplaces

IntelliDesk Booking is the innovative reservation system of IntelliDesk. With this system, employees in the organization can book workplaces and spaces online, via the IntelliDesk system. A search for an available workplace through the building is a thing of the past!

This way, employees can book a workplace that matches the tasks they have to perform: a meeting room for meetings, a quiet room for concentration work, etc.

Search colleagues and facilities

When employees have to work together or need to consult each other when working, it is useful if they can sit close to each other. IntelliDesk Booking makes it possible to find out where colleagues have booked a workplace and whether they are present. Simply by entering their name in the system. Printers, coffee machines, toilets and many more facilities can also be found through the system.


IntelliDesk Booking works on the basis of the IntelliDesk Floorplan. This is a smart online map on which all spaces in the organization have been mapped. The Floorplan makes it easy and clear to see which workplace/ space has been booked. It is possible to see on the basis of colours (red and green) whether a workplace is already occupied or still available.

The preparation of the Floorplans is one of the services we provide.

The personal coach in the fight against sedentary behaviour
IntelliDesk Personal
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Insights in sedentary behaviour

IntelliDesk Personal keeps track of exactly what percentage of the day people spend sitting and standing, and how often they change positions.

This division is shown visually in a graph per day and per week. IntelliDesk can also keep track of how many calories are burned by alternating positions.

Users can also achieve personal goals, such as achieving a certain number of position changes in a week or spending a certain percentage of the days standing.


Frequently changing positions when working is often forgotten. People don’t know the importance in doing so, they forget it or find it too much hassle. All these problems are a thing of the past due to the reminders of IntelliDesk Personal. Personal gives notifications that it is time to change positions. The interval can be set yourself. The reminders are not mandatory: the user always has the choice between changing positions, snoozing or dismissing the message. You can switch between sitting and standing with IntelliDesk with just one push of a button!

Every workplace is personal

Whatever workplace the user uses in the building: as soon as the user logs in, the personal settings are automatically adopted. The workplace adopts the personal sitting and standing height. This does not have to be set over and over again. In this way every workplace becomes personal. Why do things in hard way? Employees have a personal account in the IntelliDesk system in which all preferences and dimensions are stored. The user only needs to enter these settings once. IntelliDesk recognizes the user by logging in.