IntelliDesk Facts: Occupancy Rate

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Mapping the occupancy rate brings many benefits. You gain insight into which spaces and workplaces are used more or less, when there are peak moments and whether there is a surplus or shortage of workplaces and spaces. On the basis of this information you can make informed choices with regard to facility services. Is enough space being rented, for example, or is there a surplus? Is there sufficient furniture available? Do supply and demand for specific types of workplaces match well?

To get reliable information about the occupancy rate, it is necessary to measure the occupancy rate. We do this with the help of IntelliDesk presence and movement sensors. By placing the sensors and having these sensors take measurements for a certain period, insight is gained into the occupancy rate. After a predetermined measurement period we will read the sensors. From this we prepare a report for you, with the final results of the occupancy rate measurement.

Click here for more information about placing these sensors.

The price for drawing up this report depends on various factors, such as the number of workplaces and spaces to which the measurement relates and therefore how extensive the report is. We will be happy to prepare a customized offer for you.

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