IntelliDesk Facts & Booking: Installation of Sensors

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✓   Total unburdening: the right sensors are placed at the right location

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The use of sensors is central to IntelliDesk. That is why one of our services is the correct placement (and removal) of these sensors. IntelliDesk works with two types of sensors: motion sensors and presence sensors.

  • Motion sensors are placed in a room and measure whether there is movement in the room. If a room is reserved, and no one shows up, these sensors ensure that the room is released again (show / no show, intended for IntelliDesk Booking).
  • Presence sensors are placed under desks. These sensors measure (body) heat and can therefore determine whether someone is sitting at the workplace and thus whether or not the workplace is occupied.

The sensors are used for each of the two IntelliDesk modules with a different purpose:

  • IntelliDesk Facts

For this purpose, this service must be combined with the "occupancy rate report" service. Measuring how many and when workplaces and spaces are used to provide insight into the occupancy rate.

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  • IntelliDesk Booking

The sensors can be used to demonstrate whether or not a workplace is occupied (by means of presence sensors).

It can also be shown whether a reserved space is actually used (show / no show). Reserved spaces that are not used after a certain period can thus be released again. This is done through motion sensors.

For this purpose, this service must be combined with the "Set up floor plan" service.

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The costs for installing the sensors depend on a number of factors, such as the number of sensors required, the number of spaces and the number of locations. We can therefore make you a customized offer at any time.

Keep in mind that these sensors work on the basis of the internal WiFi network. If the range of the WiFi network is not strong enough, it will be necessary to work with WiFi access points to strengthen the WiFi signal.

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