IntelliDesk Booking: Prepare Floorplan

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The IntelliDesk booking platform works on the basis of an innovative booking system. Employees can reserve workspaces and spaces on an online map, search for colleagues and find facilities such as printers, coffee machines and even parking spaces.

To be able to use this online IntelliDesk Floor Plan, it must be drawn in advance. The spaces and workplaces must be mapped so that the floor plan in the end exactly matches reality. After all, the employees do not yet know where the booked workplace or space is located, or where that colleague / facility can be found. Workplaces can be reserved online and you can see at what times the workplace has already been booked based on colors

  • Red = busy
  • Green = free
  • Orange = booked, but user absent

A lot of knowledge and expertise is needed to correctly draw the Floor Plan and configure it properly. We have this knowledge and expertise and can perform this service for you. The price for this depends on various factors, such as the number of m² of office space to be mapped, the number of workplaces, the number of locations, etc. We are therefore happy to prepare a customized offer for you.

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