Ergoproof Combi forearm support

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✓   Easy to slide to the desk

Ergoproof Combi forearm support reduces muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. Arms weigh approximately 10% of the body weight. If these are not supported or not supported sufficiently at work behind the computer, there is a real risk of neck and shoulder complaints. In addition, poorly adjusted forearm support often has a negative influence on a good sitting position. When the arm support is too low, people automatically fall down to let the arms rest on the armrests. The result: a convex back that increases the risk of lower back complaints. Too high arm support, with the shoulders being exaggerated, can cause neck and neck cramps. Note: with the right arm support, the shoulders are straight and the arms lean on the arm support at an angle of 90°. The armrests of a good ergonomic chair are often sufficient to prevent these problems. However, sometimes the armrests do not suffice or are even missing. In that case, a forearm support on the desktop is the solution. When using a forearm support, the armrests of the chair should be set so low that they can be slid under the desktop. If that is not possible, then they must be removed. There are also situations in which you cannot use the armrests of the office chair, for example if you are working standing behind your sit-stand table. In that case, forearm support may also be the solution. -Underarm support Ergoproof Combi is suitable for combined work with keyboard and mouse.

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Brand ErgoProof
Country of manufacture Sweden