Ergonomic tablet and smartphone use
Ergonomic Reading Table
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Smartphone use, tablet use, reading a book: in these activities we often adopt a posture that is not very ergonomically sound. The term "tablet neck" is already being spoken of today: we look far down to look at our mobile devices and such a position is associated with an increased risk of complaints.

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Mükava: the ergonomic reading table
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Mükava is an innovative, ergonomic reading table. By using Mükava you no longer have to look down to handle your smartphone, tablet or book. You place the tablet, smartphone or book on Mükava and adjust its position. You can then work hands-free in a relaxed, neutral position. You can set up Mükava with just one button!

Using Mükava
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Mükava products have a number of pivot points and a tiltable, rotating tray on top. In this way, this ergonomic reading table can be set in countless positions. There are two versions of Mükava: a higher version with a leg and a table model, which can be assembled onto a table top. There is always a Mükava product that suits you best. Moreover, it is a very versatile product: you can use it in the workplace, in education, in healthcare, at home: everything is possible! Mükava can be used both while sitting and standing and is easy to clean with soap and water.

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Attach smartphones and tablets

Mükava has a raised edge on the underside of the tray, against which your smartphone or tablet can rest. With Mükava Pads (included with the product) you can attach your phone or tablet to the surface even better.

Magnetic surface

The top surface of the Mükava is completely magnetic. This allows you to attach magnets to the top. Mükava magnetic cases are available for iPhones and iPads. This makes it even easier to attach your devices.

Attach books and magazines

At the bottom of the Mükava top tray, two elastic bands have been incorporated, which you can pull forward, over the tray. This way you can confirm books and magazines.

USB Charging points

Mükava has no less than two USB charging points. This way you can charge your mobile devices while working.

Reading lamp

Mükava is also supplied with a reading lamp as standard. That comes in handy when you want to type or read in the dark. This lamp is powered by the product itself.

Side table

Not using our Mükava at the moment? When you fold the product completely, it serves well as a side table.