Working ergonomically with loose documents
Document holders
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Document holders are a must when working with loose documents. When working with loose documents without a document holder, this results in a non-ergonomic posture:

- Either the documents are placed next to the keyboard and one must always nod with the head to switch between screen/ keyboard and documents

- Or the documents are right in front of/ behind the keyboard and one must always bend/ move the neck to look at the documents.

When people perform such non-ergonomic, repetitive movements day in, day out, there is a good chance of complaints occurring.

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The benefits of using a document holder
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A document holder ensures that you can view both the screen and your documents at a glance. This is due to the placement of the document holder the desk (between the keyboard and screen) as well as the angle the document holder makes to the desk (documents are in an upright position, so you don’t have to bend over the documents in to them). All our documents are adjustable in angle, so that an optimum viewing angle can always be created.

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ErgoProof Flex A3 Document Holder Metal

The ErgoProof Flex A3 document holder is a robust, sturdy, A3-sized document holder with a metal top. This document holder is so sturdy that it can easily handle big binders. A big advantage of this document holder is that you can pull it towards you, over the keyboard. This way you can easily read or write on the documents on the document holder. The top of the document holder is magnetic, so you can easily attach note sheets to the document holder. You receive a magnet with the document holder.

ErgoProof Basic A3 Document Holder Metal

The ErgoProof Basic is a more modest A3 document holder. This document holder is less robust than the ErgoProof Flex. Therefore, this document holder is a lot lighter and easier to carry. It is a "no-nonsense" document holder made of metal (aluminum).

Ergoproof Basic A3 Document Holder Transparant

If you prefer a transparent document holder, you better opt for the ErgoProof Basic A3 Transparent Document Holder. This variant is completely made from transparent plexiglass. Furthermore, both Basic document holders are the same.