Cable Guide Ergoproof ZipZ, 160 CM

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✓   ErgoProof Zipz can be combined to make any length.

✓   ErgoProof Zipz can range from a thick cable to many thin or many thin to thick cables.

✓   ErgoProof Zipz can be installed in no time and without tools.

✓   ErgoProof Zipz can be washed.

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The easiest, fastest, simplest and most flexible cable management solution. Ergoproof Zipz can enclose any cable anywhere, in no time. • ErgoProof Zipz can be zipped together to manage more cables.

Material: Black Polyester Zipper in 2 directions Length: 160 cm. Diameter: 2.5 cm. By combining you can compile the desired diameter or length yourself.

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Brand ErgoProof