Balance Chair Backapp, Polished Aluminum, Alcantara Porcelain Blue, Black Ball

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✓   Train while you sit

✓   Improves your posture

✓   Burn ar least 19% more calories

✓   Reduce your back pain

While you are sitting on Backapp you still keep moving and you also train your torso supporting muscles. Due to the shape of the Alcantara Porcelain Blue seat, your hips are in an open and relaxed position, so that your spine automatically takes on the natural S-shape. In this position you put the least strain on your back in sitting position and your vertebrae and intervertebral discs remain in optimum condition, so you have the least chance of injury. The black ball at the bottom of the chair ensures that the chair is out of balance. By placing your feet on the ring and using your torso supporting muscles, you balance freely in all directions on the adjustable black ball. The balance ring ensures that the movements are muted and remain easily controllable. The polished aluminum base stands out immediately on the Backapp. Not only does it look much better, it is also much more environmentally friendly and stronger. The Backapp chassis is made from 100% recycled aluminum (around 300 soft drink cans). Backapp is an ergonomic office chair where you, in combination with a sit-stand table, can work comfortably all day long. The combination of Backapp and a sit-stand table also form the optimum dynamic workplace.

More Information
Frame Polished Aluminium
Fabric Color Blue
Weight 9.0000
Country of manufacture Sweden
Color Ball Black