Balance board Backapp 360, Dark Grey

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✓   Train your leg and hip muscles

✓   Improves your posture

✓   Promotes blood circulation in your legs

✓   Burn more calories

✓   Reduces static muscle tension

✓   Better for your joints

Backapp 360 is a balance board that is designed to be actively behind your desk. Being active improves your health and prevents many physical complaints. Minimal movement causes Backapp 360 to start moving. Your muscles take immediate action to keep your body balanced. Simple but effective! By balancing on the Backapp 360 you train your leg muscles, hips, ankles and back. You also promote blood circulation in your legs. That way you stay fit and healthy. By turning the red button at the bottom, you can adjust the intensity of the movements. The soft annular cushioning ensures that the movements run smoothly and are perceived as comfortable by all users. This patented technology makes Backapp 360 unique. Backapp 360 is a natural part of the modern office environment. The variation of sitting on the Backapp balance chair and standing on Backapp 360 offers the best conditions for promoting good health, even in a hectic working environment.

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Country of manufacture Sweden