Extra forearm support
Forearm Supports
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The arms weigh approximately 10% of the body weight. If the arms are not or insufficiently supported, this can have adverse consequences for the sitting posture: you adopt a bend over or slumped sitting posture more easily. This leads to a greater chance of developing back complaints and CANS complaints (Complaints to the Poor, Neck and Shoulders - formerly RSI). Supporting the forearms unknowingly makes it easier for you to sit upright. The armrests of the office chair are usually sufficient for this. If this is not the case, or if you want more support, a forearm support can help.

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ErgoProof Forearm Supports
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ErgoProof Forearm supports are mounted in front of you on the edge of the desk. The supports are equipped with a wooden plate on the underside (for firmness). Soft, comfortable foam is attached to this. The whole is finished with a top layer of lycra. The forearm supports can be used on both straight desks and rounded desks.

We have two types of forearm support: the ErgoProof Combi and the ErgoProof Combi Duo. The difference between the two is the form of the support: the Combi consists of one big pad. The Combi Duo consists of two separate pads that can move in width depending on each other.

The advantages of using an extra forearm support
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  • Encourages an upright posture
  • Reduces the risk of developing CANS complaints
  • Can be used at a straight desk as well as a rounded desk (Combi Duo variant)