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The Backapp balance chair is an ergonomic chair and training device in one. In a society where the majority of people are sitting too much, it is important to ensure that sitting is no longer a burden. After all: not ‘sitting’, but ‘sitting still’ is the problem. Backapp is the solution for this problem!

Backapp ensures that you make continuous micro movements. This is due to the absence of a backrest and balances on a rubber ring and the magic ball. You are balancing yourself and you are constantly moving unconsciously, even when you are busy doing your work and are not consciously involved. Sedentary behaviour is therefore a thing of the past.

Another big advantage is that you naturally sit upright. A neutral, ergonomic position of the spine and pelvis is created, which ensures an automatic assumption of an upright posture. Because of this neutral position, sitting upright is not burdensome or tiring. You stay fit on the Backapp because the internal motor is always slightly on!

We prefer to use Backapp preventively, but due to all the benefits, the Backapp is ideal for people with back problems, CANS-complaints and even headaches.

Why Backapp?

The traditional office no longer exists
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IntelliDesk is the solution for the office. IntelliDesk is a personal coach, innovative booking system and occupancy degree analyst all in one. The system organizes and analyses the use of your workplaces and makes them flexible and connecting. IntelliDesk consists of three platforms, each with its own focus:

IntelliDesk Personal is a personal coach that provides you with (desktop) notifications, notifying you it is time to sit or stand. IntelliDesk Personal makes it for the user possible to switch positions with one push of a button. Moreover, this module provides insight into your personal sitting-standing behaviour.

IntelliDesk Booking is the innovative booking system of IntelliDesk. It offers employees the possibility to book workspaces/rooms in advance through an online map the IntelliDesk Floorplan. One can look up which (suitable) workplaces or rooms are available. Also colleagues and facilities can be looked up throughout the system. Searching through the building is a thing of the past.

IntelliDesk Facts offers capacity utilization measurements based on smart sensors. Are certain workplaces used? And are there peak moments during the day? Measurement is the key to knowledge: on the basis of a report you will be provided with insight into the internal capacity utilization. In this way, well-considered choices can be made.

IntelliDesk Modules


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VitaBit measures whether the user is sitting, standing or walking. Through an app, the user has insight into the generated data and is therefore confronted with his or her own sitting behaviour. This data is also insightful for a lifestyle coach (if desired). The lifestyle coach can coach the user remotely. This changes the seating behaviour of your employees, which will improve the vitality and sustainable employability of your employees.

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We at Dynamic Ergonomics help you to create dynamic workplaces. We handle the import, export and distribution of innovative ergonomic products. Brands in our range are Backapp, ErgoProof, IntelliDesk, VitaBit and Mükava. Our ergonomic products and solutions help to reduce the risk of developing back complaints, CANS-complaints and a multitude of chronic conditions that are associated with sedentary behaviour.